Pasta Machines

Make your own pasta…

Pasta Machines help you become the best that you can be in your kitchen. One of these machines would also make a terrific gift for a gourmet friend…

Commercial Imperia Pasta Machine R220

BOUR-073175Commercial pasta machine makes approximately 26 1/2 lb. of pasta per hour. Ideal for restaurants and corporate cafeterias. With a rolling mill cylinder of 8 5/8″ and pasta dough with a maximum thickne…Read More

Imperia Commercial Pasta Machine Cylinders

MAT-0731XMAT-073180 Cylinder Angel Hair #1, width 1/64″ / 1.5 mm MAT-073182 Cylinder Spaghetti #2, width 1/32″ / 2 mm MAT-073184 Cylinder Linguine #3, width 1/24″ / 4 mm MAT-073186 Cylinder Fettucine #4, width…Read More

Imperia Pasta Machine

VLA-150Since 1935, Italy’s first pasta machine has been known for quality the world over. Great Italian Chefs such as Guiliano Bugiali recognize the technical skills embodied in the Imperia Machine. VillaWar…Read More

Ravioli Imperia Attachment

VLA-150-25…Read More

Imperia Attachments

VLA-150-XXImperia Single Cutter Attachments. VLA-150-01 Angel Hair 1.5 mm VLA-150-02 Tagliatelle 2 mm VLA-150-03 Trenette 4 mm VLA-150-04 Fettuccine 6.5 mm VLA-150-05 Lasagnette 12 mm VLA-150-06 Spaghetti-Round…Read More

Imperia Pastaia Italiana

VLA-151A quality set for 5 types of homemade pasta. Includes Imperia dough rolling machine, 2 double cutters for spaghetti, tagliatelli, fettuccine, and lasagnette. Plus ravioli maker 36 at a time with rolli…Read More

Imperia Electric

VLA-152Here’s an electric solution at a sensible price. With the Imperia Electric it is effortless to roll out dough and cut fresh homemade noodles. Beautifully boxed set includes the Imperia machine with do…Read More

Al Dente Pasta Machine

VLA-177Overstocked! Good, functional pasta machine at a value price. Made in China. Comes complete with combination spaghetti and fettuccini cutter. Optional attachments also available. 6″ wide roller….Read More

Al Dente Pasta Machine Attachments

VLA-177-XVLA-177-01 Angel Hair Cutter Attachment $12.95 VLA-177-05 Lasagnette Attachment $12.95 VLA-177-25 Ravioli Attachment $19.50…Read More

Al Dente 5 Piece Pasta Set

VLA-178Makes five types of pasta – angel hair, spaghetti, fettuccine, lasagna, and ravioli. 6″ wide dough roller unit with adjustable steel rollers for rolling and kneading with 7 thickness settings. Double …Read More

VillaWare Pasta Drying Rack

VLA-515Allows air to circulate for perfect drying. Removable dowel to catch noodles off your pasta machine and transfer them over to the drying rack. Over 11 feet of drying space. Natural wood, 12 dowels. 12…Read More

BeeBo Cavatelli Maker

VLA-5300The original, old fashioned Italian pasta dumpling maker. Click image for more info.out of stock…Read More