Sorting Dried Pasta

A Pasta Challenge

Uses: Fun and educational!

  • various shapes, colors, or sizes of died pasta. (To make it more challenging, use all three aspects at the same time!)
  • cups or bowls


  • Label the bowls (or cups) by gluing a single piece of each kinds of dried pasta to its own bowl (or cup).
  • Lay all of the dried pasta out on a table.
  • Take turns with your child separating the dried pasta into bowls of the same kind of pasta.
  • Be sure to talk about why each piece of dried pasta goes in its place (ex. Because it is the same shape, size, or color as the other pieces.)
  • Tip: To make it challenging for an older or more advanced child, do not label the bowls. Have the child decide how the dried pasta should be sorted and why.