The Many Types of Dried Pasta: Decorative Pasta


This pasta is also referred to as gigli or riccioli at times and is shaped like a flower or a bell. It is small and commonly used in a thick sauce and is a nice way to dress up any casserole.


This pasta is shaped like a shell and its name even comed from the Italian word that literally means seashell.


This is a larger version of conchiglie, the shell-shaped pasta.


This is a fun pasta commonly used to make attractive dishes. It is known as “bow-tie pasta” and is shaped just like a bow tie! The word “farfalle” comes from farfalla, an Italian word meaning butterfly.


Radiatori is pasta that is shaped like a radiator. It is small and squat shaped and sometimes they somewhat resemble rotini but this pasta has a frilly, ruffled edge and is shorter. This is another type of pasta that is used best in a thick sauce.


“Little wheels” is what this word literally means and the pasta is shaped like its definition. Some people even call this pasta “wagon wheels.” It looks like the wheel off of an old horse drawn carriage, the kind that has spokes


This spiral shaped pasta is similar to Fusilli but had a tighter spiral. The word rotini comes from the Italian word that literally means twists. The twists on this pasta help it hold sauce very well and it is commonly used in pasta salads.